Sigma fp’s Sensor is Made by Sony, Price Could be Very Expensive !

Japanese Photographer ThisisTanaka on twitter talked about new announced Sigma fp pocket full frame cinema camera. He said that the CMOS sensor of Sigma fp is made by Sony, the price for Sigma fp could beyond our expectations, could be very expensive.

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Translated from ThisisTanaka:

The SIGMA’s development “fp” is a very expensive camera. Considering the expected sales price, it may be a “bleeding large service”. Making a small, high-performance camera is more expensive than expected. Not only money but also good technology needs to be ready. SIGMA worked hard.
Well, I think that the camera of the Fobion sensor is weird, but it will be released on the market next year.

Today’s “fp” was a video-focused camera, but Fobion’s camera will be a true honest still-shooting camera. I want to expect also here.
After all, SIGMA announced not only lenses but also “cameras”. This was the main presentation.

That was as expected, but I was surprised that it was a camera using Bayer sensor (made by SONY).
It will be released this fall. The price was … not to say that I was told that I should expect it.