Sigma fp Early Review by DCW, Price Under $3,000 ?

At IBC 2019, DigitalCameraWorld has a chance to test and review the new announced Sigma fp full frame L-mount cinema camera. According to DCW, the US price for Sigma fp will be under $3,000, as previous rumors said fp Price will be around $2,000.

Conclusions from DCW:

You can’t help but fall in love with the miniature size of the Sigma fp – and the utilitarian, industrial design of this. Sigma has always dared to be different with its cameras – and it has once again done this with its first full-frame mirrorless model. Given that there are now so many different full-frame mirrorless systems, this has to be a good thing. This is a camera that is designed to be a start of a system – that you need to buy add-ons for to get it to suit your shooting; and that alone will appeal to lots of people who like this custom-like approach. And thanks to the L-mount alliance, there will be plenty of lenses available for this camera too. We suspect that ultimately this is a camera that will work better for filmmakers than photographers – but we will await a final version that we can actually shoot with before we confirm that. The Sigma fp is set to go on sale later this year, and although the final price has yet to be set the body will cost under $3,000 – just how far under will undoubtedly have a significant effect on its mass appeal.