Panasonic will Release New Affordable Full Frame Mirrorless Camera in Next Future According to Interview

French website PhotoTrend had an interview with Panasonic’s Yosuke Yamane. Talking about the sales of Lumix S series and upcoming plan of Panasonic. Yosuke Yamane said that Panasonic will expend their product line with more affordable full frame L-mount mirrorless cameras.

Below is the highlights of this interview:

  • Panasonic has 10% of the market in full-size mirrorless cameras, and would also like to expand the total market share of the full format market.
  • In the future, Panasonic would like to allow as many people as possible to enjoy Lumix cameras. So, they would like to expand the product line, and you should wait for the next announcements from Lumix cameras.
  • Panasonic will not develop an APS-C L-mount mirrorless camera. Because a small L-mount sensor could cause confusion on the market. We have two sizes of sensors. If we have three, this could cause confusion, so we will not develop an APS-C version of the L-mount and will focus on the full format.
  • Three fixed focal lengths will be launched by the end of 2021. We have also planned for a wide-angle, standard and telephoto zoom.