Panasonic Lumix S1H ProRes Raw Video Capture Delayed, but Firmware v2.0 still to be Released on May 25th

Panasonic will release firmware version 2.0 for Lumix S1H on May 25th, but due to technical issues, ProRes Raw video capture won’t be included.

Press release:

Atomos Ninja V and LUMIX S1H RAW firmware delay

The firmware updates enabling the much-anticipated Atomos Ninja V and Panasonic LUMIX S1H RAW over HDMI combination have unfortunately been slightly delayed from the original 25th May release schedule, to ensure the highest possible level of RAW recording.

An unforeseen technical issue has come to light in the final rounds of beta testing that needs rectification prior to shipping. The companies are working together to complete the development as soon as possible. We apologise to our mutual customers waiting for the functions this release enables.

Please note that Panasonic will be releasing Ver 2.0 firmware on May 25th with various improvements to camera functions, however will not include the planned RAW HDMI output feature. Atomos will release its Ninja V AtomOS for LUMIX S1H HDMI RAW in-line with Panasonic’s RAW output firmware.