Panasonic Lumix S1H Interview by Imaging-Resource

Imaging Resource has interviewed Panasonic’s Yosuke Yamane talking about S1H full frame mirrorless camera. This camera is now available for pre-order at B&H Photo Video/Adorama/Amazon/Focus Camera. Below are some highlights of this interview:

It’s been eight years since I decided to develop full-frame cameras. And officially, we decided to develop the full-frame camera two years ago. At that time, we intended to develop both cameras, still picture-oriented and video-oriented cameras. But the most important thing for developing the camera is [to decide] which mount should we introduce? That’s the point. And in order to decide the mount, we have to firstly develop the still-oriented camera.

Yeah, as for the sensor, the cell itself is the same. However, we made lots of technical improvements to aid video shooting, such as a low-pass filter to reduce the moire, and Dual Native ISO for the wide range of color gradation. And in order to realize the 6K video, we made lots of improvements for the resolution and to reduce the noise, in order to fit the usage of video shooting.

Yeah, [it’s] possible. We’re going to be very happy if S1H outsells the GH… <chuckles> But anyway, in Micro Four Thirds, the GH-series already has a good reputation, because of the small size and mobility. And it has already been used for independent movie production. But as we said, full-frame sensors provide higher picture expression with the shallow depth of field, resolution and dynamic range. I expect lots of production companies are interested in that and they appreciate the value of full frame. So I think the GH and S1H will co-exist based on the shooting scene.

S1H has a still camera form-factor, and it has very strong capabilities for still camera shooting as well. Both still shooting and video shooting, we can offer this model to photographers, videographers and cinematographers.

You can read full interview at Imaging-Resource