Panasonic Interview: 8K Lumix S Cameras Must Also be Accelerated

Japanese website NewSwitch has interviewed Panasonic manager talking about the Lumix S series full frame mirrorless cameras. Yosuke Yamane (General Manager of Imaging Business Unit) said that the video shooting is important for Lumix S, and they are developing 8K Lumix S cameras.

The video shooting function is important for the S Series. The key to 4K shooting is the enhancement of Super Slow performance. The production of products for 8K cameras must also be accelerated. I have heard that we are investing a lot in 8K infrastructure development, and we will prepare products in that area.

“Official sponsors will never be another opportunity. We want to show that the model and replacement lenses are increased and that Lumix is ​​serious. We talk with companies that make L-mount interchangeable lenses and offer products that can show their individuality.”