New Sigma Interviews for the L-mount FF Cameras and L-mount Lenses

Cinema5D recently has an interview with Sigma CEO, talking about Sigma full frame mirrorless cameras and l-mount lenses.

SIGMA Full Frame Camera

SIGMA already started this project three years ago when they decided to develop their own full frame sensor. The sensor is still in development, but it seems like it will be used in the upcoming L-mount cameras.

L-Mount Alliance

For their upcoming full frame sensor, SIGMA initially wanted to develop their own mount with short flange focal distance (for slim mirrorless bodies). In the end, SIGMA decided to join forces with Panasonic and Leica and work on the L-Mount together.

In regards to new Nikon and Canon mirrorless mounts, SIGMA is interested in producing lenses for those in the future. For now, the L-Mount lenses are a priority for the company.

Imaging-Resource also interviewed Sigma CEO:

KY: We were concerned about the future, so first of all we decided to make a full-frame format sensor. And then we decided to make a short flange-back mirrorless mount system. And at some point, we — both Sigma and Panasonic — realized that we were also both working on the full-frame mirrorless cameras, and Panasonic made a proposal to Sigma and Leica to form an alliance.

KY: Actually, last night I announced our plan for the L-mount system. We didn’t show any new specific product, but I announced six things. First, we will develop the full-frame mirrorless camera which features a Foveon full-frame sensor, and this camera will be available next year. The second one is that we’ve stopped developing new SA-mount cameras, so no new SA-mount cameras will be available. Number three is that we will continue the development and manufacturing of our series of SA-mount lenses, because there are still SA-mount camera users.

KY: Number four is that we’ll make two lens-mount adapters. One is a Sigma SA to L-mount adapter, and the other one is a Canon EF to L-mount adapter. And these adapters will be available next year. [Ed. Note: It turned out we were caught completely flat-footed by this; while we normally get a heads-up from manufacturers that they at least have something coming we should be on the lookout for, we had no idea that Sigma had anything coming at Photokina, and I personally missed seeing the invite to their Tuesday evening event from Sigma Germany. So I was unaware of the announcement when I met with Yamaki-san first thing on Wednesday morning :-/ ]

KY: For example, this new 14mm lens, it’s designed for the Canon EF-mount and existing SLRs, but we will make a Sony-mount version. And if we make an L-mount version, we’ll provide the mount conversion from, for example, Canon to L-mount.