L-mount Alliance Interview by dpreview

At Photokina 2018, dpreview had interviewed the L-mount Alliance by Leica, Panasonic, Sigma. Here are some highlights of this interview:

What made the L mount the preferred choice of mount for Sigma and Panasonic?

Sigma: Technically the L mount is a very good standard. A wide lens mount diameter and a short flange back: there are no technical drawbacks. At the beginning we were planning to develop our own full frame mirrorless system, but we concluded eventually that it was more beneficial to our customers to enter a partnership. The customer can use a wider variety of cameras and lenses.

Panasonic: Panasonic’s customer coverage [at present] is maybe more high-level amateurs, not professionals. The new [customer segment] of videographers appreciates what we’ve introduced for movie making, but still there are customer segments that we cannot reach. So the L mount gives us a chance to challenge in these top-end segments. I hope that the L mount gives us a chance to complete our lineup, [by] supporting our current Micro Four Thirds business.

How much room for future growth is built into the L mount standard?

Leica: Regarding functionality, we think that the standard will cover everything that we can anticipate, at the moment. We think that the standard is sufficient [for the foreseeable future]. The mount was developed very thoroughly in order to have enough space to make the biggest and fastest lenses for full frame, while also being as compact as possible to make attractive APS-C cameras as well. We think this is a big benefit of the L mount.

The flange back distance could be shorter, but if someone wants to make a professional L mount video camera for example, its better to have a little more room, for filters [built into the camera body] and so on. With 20mm, that’s fine. If you go closer, it becomes very difficult.

Do Sigma and Panasonic see the L mount as an APS-C mount as well? Are you planning on developing APS-C lenses for L?

Sigma: Yes, we have a plan to develop APS-C lenses for L mount, but the main focus is full-frame.

Panasonic: No. We will only develop [L mount products] for full-frame sensors.

You can read full interview at dpreview.