Interview: Sigma is Working on Compact L-mount Mirrorless Lenses for Sigma fp

According to latest interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki by Gizmodo Japan, Sigma currently is working on some compact and small L-mount full frame mirrorless lenses to go with the Sigma fp. Sigma fp is one of the best selling L-mount full frame mirrorless cameras according to Sigma.

From Gizmodo Japan:

The camera itself is good, but the rest is a lens. The world view cannot be established unless the number of compact lenses suitable for SIGMA fp is increased. After all, standard, wide-angle, and telephoto are necessary, and if they are put together, it will be close to 100 points as a system. It fits in many situations, and above all, I find it fun to use.

Yes, various developments are in progress. You may recognize that there will eventually be something that matches SIGMA fp. I would like to develop the camera itself.