Interview: Natively Designed Sigma L-mount Lenses Coming in 2019, APS-C L-mount Lenses Coming in 2020

Imaging-resource posted their interview with Sigma CEO at CP+ 2019. Sigma CEO said that there will be a lot of new L-mount lenses coming in 2019, including natively designed L-mount full frame mirrorless lenses. And Sigma CEO also said APS-C L-mount lenses will be coming in 2020.

From Imaging Resource:

Kazuto Yamaki: Yes. At this CP+, we announced 11 lenses for L-mount that will be available by the end of this year. These are the same prime lenses that we deliver for Canon EF, Nikon F and Sony E-mount. We will use the same optics for L-mount lenses. This is a new announcement. And also we will release APS-C sized lenses for L-mount in 2020.

Kazuto Yamaki: They’ll be existing lenses. But we also are working on another project: Another brand-new lens designed for the short flange-back system that should be available some time this year.